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Living Life to the Full


Do you remember what happened to the stock market in 2008?  We sure do!  Overnight, all the stock Chris had acquired from his nearly thirty years of working for Fannie Mae became worthless.  While that unfortunate situation didn’t change our day-to-day life, it sure did change the landscape of our future financial plans.

We decided to look for a safety net: A source of residual income that we could grow over time.  It was important to us – critical really – to align ourselves with a company that had the same values as we do.  We knew we wanted to partner with a company in the health and nutrition field, we knew we wanted a company with a long history of integrity and innovation, we knew we wanted a team that would help us achieve our goals, and we knew we wanted to build a business we could pass along to our children one day.

We did a lot of research before we chose Shaklee.

We’ve been with Shaklee five years.  We can tell you all kinds of stories of how the products have improved the health of our family.  We can also tell you all kinds of stories of how Shaklee has rewarded us just for sharing what we’ve discovered with others.  We get to do well by doing good.  What an incredible model!

We’d love to introduce you to Shaklee and help you live life to the full, too.  Shaklee offers health and freedom.  We offer to partner with you to achieve one or the other, or both!  Let us be your full life partners.

Elaine Hill / elainemhill@gmail.com / 301-755-7761

Chris Hill / christophershill@gmail.com / 301-502-9360